Saddle Up Stables Horse barn for 18-inch dolls
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Saddle Up Stables

Accessory #BD37880

A beautiful horse barn for your 18-inch doll equestrian collection!

The perfect home for your horse and foal, fully equipped to get them saddled up and groomed for their next trail ride!

Your horses and foals will have a hay-day at the Our Generation Saddle Up StablesTM, a beautiful horse barn for 18-inch dolls! We’re ready to ride towards adventure and we’re not afraid to make a few leaps!

All About Saddle Up Stables

This cozy horse stable is the perfect home on the range for your favorite Our Generation horses and foals (and the OG dolls who love them, of course!) Made of sturdy, lightweight wood, this doll accessory set is one that you will want to pass on from this generation to the next! It arrives fully assembled, so there is no need to fuss with parts or tools.

The inside walls can divide the stable into three small stalls, or take them out and make a nice big space for a larger horse like the Thoroughbred Horse.

Horses love to munch on fresh grass in a field, or healthy hay from a trough*. This horse barn for 18-inch dolls lets your horses do both!

Open the front doors and attach the gates to make a cozy paddock* for grazing*, or just to make more room for your pony pals. The side door opens too, so your doll can easily visit the barn, or lead a horse out for a ride.

Everything You Need to Saddle Up in Style!

Saddle Up Stables has everything you need to take care of your horses, from grooming supplies to tasty treats.

Keep calm and groom on! The rope tether* will make sure your foal or filly* doesn’t wander off in the middle of a styling session. Use the hoof pick to keep hooves sparkling and clean, and the grooming mitt, scraper, and curry brush to make their coat glisten. Use the tote to keep all your grooming supplies in one place, and store everything on the convenient shelves and hooks inside the stable.

After a long trail ride, your equestrian pals can get really hungry! Offer them a healthy snack, like a carrot or apples, or some feed from the bucket.

Giddy Up with the Equestrian Collection!

Trail ride, anyone? From beautiful horses and foals to the perfect outfit for riding off into the sunset, OG has it all! Have you met Lily Anna, Monta Faye, and Tyler?

These equestrian riding dolls are ready to lasso their dreams and jump into adventure! Dress them up in the Ride in Style outfit for a blue ribbon in equestrian fashion.

When it’s time to get a move on, take your horses to new frontiers with the Mane Attraction Horse TrailerTM that connects to most OG vehicles.

The dolls in the images are Lily Anna and Marley. What kind of equestrian adventures will you take your Our Generation dolls on? Whatever it is, we know it will be a great one. After all, Our Generation is powered by imagination!

*trough= “a container used to hold water or food for animals.”

*paddock= “an enclosed field or pasture for animals.”

*grazing= “to feed on growing grass and vegetation.”

*tether= “a rope or similar item used to keep an animal from moving out of a certain area.”

*filly = “a young female horse.”

Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Comes with:
  • 1 horse barn with stall doors
  • 2 fences
  • 1 grooming tote
  • 1 rope tether
  • 1 horse scraper
  • 1 bottle
  • 1 curry brush
  • 1hoof pick
  • 1 riding crop
  • 1 feed bucket
  • 1 scoop
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 half apples
  • 1 grooming mitten
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 hay bag
  • 1 saddle bag
  • Dolls, horses and outfits sold separately

Caring for Saddle Up StablesTM

Saddle Up Stables arrives fully assembled, so there is no need to get out the toolbox.
To start having fun with your stable, simply unpack the items from the plastic wrapping. We are always doing our best to make the world a little bit better – most of the plastic packaging is recyclable, where facilities exist. Do your thing!
To clean and care for your horse barn, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. It's always best to avoid chemical cleaners if possible, since they can damage the surface.
We hope you enjoy your horse stable!