We are an extraordinary generation of girls.
And have we got a story to tell.

Our Generation is unlike any that has come before. We're helping our families learn to recycle,
holding bake sales to support charities, even holding penny drives to build homes for
orphaned children in Haiti. We're helping our little sisters learn to read and even making
sure the new kid at school has a place to sit in the cafeteria.

All that and we still find time to play hopscotch and hockey.
To catch frogs, climb trees, do cartwheels all the way down the block and laugh with
our friends until soda comes out of our noses. You know, to be kids.

Will we have a big impact on the world? We already have. What's ahead for us?
What's ahead for the world? We have no idea.
We're too busy grabbing and holding on to the joy that is today.

Yep. This is our time. This is our story.

This is a whole lot bigger than an 18" doll.

Our Generation isn't just about a doll or a book or even a fantastic miniature tea set.

It's about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation.

And parents who understand the pressures of being a girl more than
any generation of parents before them.

It's about a website where a girl can weigh in on issues that are important to her.
Or spend hours creating the next new look for a fashion-forward doll. Or crafting
a heart that will represent her story on a Wall of Hearts that represents the
story of her entire generation. (Who knows, her heart may even end
up on Our Generation packaging.)

Our Generation is about girls helping girls who are less fortunate
because they want to and because they know they can.

And packaging that’s eco-friendly for a generation who wouldn’t
accept anything less.

It’s about accessories that speak to the multifaceted lives girls live.

It’s about quality dolls at prices aimed to not exclude anyone.

It's about giving girls a voice to create and shape a community they love.

It’s about a very important generation and its story.