This is Maura's story.

Third-grader Maura decided as a kindergartner that she wanted to write a book about herself and her dog, Sabu, and raise money for PAWS, a nearby animal shelter that she likes to visit. With encouragement from her mom and dad, she created "Sabu & Me."

Maura insisted that "Sabu & Me" be a hardcover book and spent countless afternoons making sure the pictures matched the words just as she intended. The book was published by her seventh birthday. It was named "Book of the Year" by Creative Child Magazine and more than 100 people came to one of her book signings. Her efforts raised more than $500 for the dogs and cats at PAWS!

So how did it feel to design her own book and donate money to help animals? "Cool," says Maura. She is now working on a book about Sabu and his friends (including a cat friend!) and hopes to have it in print by next year. "Do what you believe in," is Maura's advice to other girls. Maura is also practicing swimming, bike riding and running for an upcoming youth triathlon. 

Maura, who speaks French, likes to travel too. She especially liked visiting Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower at night. Sabu also travels. He enjoyed chasing the Queen's Guard in Hyde Park in London!

It's amazing what a girl can do. Get your own copy of "Sabu & Me."


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