OG Girls

It's amazing what a girl can do

We girls are a powerful force. We're writing books to help animal shelters, holding penny drives to build homes for orphaned children in Haiti, collecting dresses for girls who would have otherwise gone without and organizing golf tournaments to buy stuffed animals that make chemotherapy a little easier on the kids who have to go through it. In between all that, we're training for triathlons, laughing with our friends and doing cartwheels all the way down the block. This is Our Generation. And these are some of our stories.

What started as a Bat Mitzvah project has turned into much more. See how Katie is inspiring so many to do so much.

Imagine losing most of your things in a house fire. Now imagine being inspired by that loss. Hard? Not for Ashlee.
Can a 7-year-old publish a book to help save animals? In her mind, how could she not?
Three friends collected more than $330,000 in honor of a friend who passed away. And started a legacy to last forever.
Restaurants have leftover grease. Some families can't afford heat. A 10-year-old brought these two ideas together to make a difference.
"Make a change with change for Haiti" is what Elizabeth asked. Turns out Elizabeth made quite a change.
Where most people usually ask for toys and games, some ask for clothes and necessities. And Danielle asks, "How can I help?"
Kylie lost her big sister to leukemia, but Kylie keeps her spirit alive through a movement called Kelsey’s Dream.