Free The Children Power of a Girl Initiative

For every Our Generation doll, outfit or accessory you buy, a portion of sales goes to Free The Children's Power of a Girl Initiative to help provide girls in developing countries an education––the most powerful tool in the world for escaping poverty.

Did you know that out of the millions of children who aren't in school, 70% of them are girls? In developing communities around the world (like Kenya and Ecuador, for example) many girls can't go to school. Usually it's because there's no school available or because their responsibilities to family (farming, earning an income, walking hours each day for water) prevent it. 

Free The Children is an amazing organization, started 16 years ago by a 12-year-old Craig Kielburger (really!), that has now built more than 650 schools which educate more than   50,000 children throughout the developing world. Not only does Free The Children build schools, but they also build and foster sustainable villages through healthcare, water programs and alternate income projects for moms and dads that give girls the opportunity to get the education they need.

The most incredible part is that most of Free The Children's funding comes from kids just like you holding lemonade stands, bake sales, penny drives, walkathons, you name it. Just by buying an Our Generation doll or accessory you have helped change the world, and you are powerful (beyond belief!) to help even more. Find out how you can change the world.


Natalie Portman becomes Free The Children's newest ambassador

Academy Award winning actress, Harvard graduate, new mother and now Free The Children Ambassador.


Educating a girl is the key to breaking the chain of poverty.

Did you know that when girls and women earn income they typically invest 90% of it into their families?


Free The Children's Power of a Girl winner announced: congrats, Kate Ashwood!

Many girls took part in the Power of a Girl Initiative contest, backed by Natalie Portman.


Natalie Portman is passionate about the Power of a Girl.

Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman knows that investing in the education of girls is the most effective way to fight poverty,


Kisaruni Girls Secondary School opens in Kenya.

In January 2011, Free The Children opened its first all-girls secondary school in Kenya, allowing Maasai and Kipsigis girls to continue l